Man Arrested for Inserting Hardcore Porn into Super Bowl Broadcast

If you were in Tucson to watch the 2009 Super Bowl, you may have noticed that your broadcast was interrupted by 37 seconds of "Wild Cherries 5," a hardcore porn film. Reactions presumably varied between excitement and horror, but nonetheless, the man responsible for the prank -- which is totally hilarious, lighten up -- has been arrested.

Thirty-eight-year-old Frank Tanori Gonzalez was arrested yesterday on suspicion of fraud and computer tampering. He was a supervisor at Cox Communications, which was broadcasting the game. Apparently this was a big enough deal to hand over to the FBI and to pursue a two-year investigation over!

Anyway, "Wild Cherries 5." Directed by Anton Slayer, featuring Nichole Heiress, Mark Wood, Camryn Kiss, and Jayden James. I Googled around to see what it was about, but a) you can just assume, and b) this is a family website. The clip in question showed "a woman unzipping a man's pants, followed by a graphic act between the two," according to the Arizona Daily Star.

Could have been a lot worse, right? I mean, children have to learn about sex one way or another.

[Rosie Gray] [@_rosiegray]

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IT WAS A GREAT PRANK, AND FRANKLY, anyone watching a sports game would have loved it. I mean, come on, what's sports but just another form of scoring??

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