Not-So-Sexy Dora the Explorer Porno Surprise for Queens Family

Would you be surprised if you popped in a tape of Dora the Explorer for your kids and Bubble Butt Bonanza No. 17 came on instead? The New York Daily News tells the story of a Candice Connor, a woman who faced that very situation via an "accidentally" porn DVD she bought from Toys R Us. The manager of the Queens store said she was "very, very surprised." Probably not as surprised as Candice!

The News also interviewed Connor's son, who offered his take:

"I saw a Caucasian lady and man, and they were naked," said Nigel, a sixth-grader at the Susan B. Anthony School in Hollis. "I was surprised. I was very disgusted."

How could Nickelodeon -- or Toys R Us -- do this to little Nigel, right? Candice should sue! Yet a poll on the News' website reveals that New Yorkers think she should just get over it and move on:

via NY Daily News

This weekend, we mentioned the man arrested for slipping hardcore porn into a Super Bowl broadcast. What's next? Select scenes from Tig Ol' Biddies 7 in between rounds of Minute to Win It? Shield the eyes of the children!


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