Old Staten Island Ferry for Sale on eBay!

If you've ever wanted to own a piece of Staten Island history, now is your chance! The Herbert H. Lehman ferry boat is now for sale on eBay. It was built in 1965 for a cost of $42 million and the starting bid is only $500,000. What a bargain! It was retired from service 4 years ago and has been in the Ferry old age home ever since. It's looking for a new owner to put some life back into it. It's 297 feet long and 69 feet wide and it's still bright orange. Cute! But what would you do with an old ferry? Don't worry, we've been thinking about this for years.

  • You can throw cruises.
  • You can have the biggest houseboat ever.
  • You can drink on a boat.
  • You can privately escort spies in your nondescript vehicle.
  • You can bring the Rockefeller Christmas tree from some far away place to the shores of Manhattan.
  • You can use it as a fireworks barge.
  • You can become a pirate.
  • You can become a shipping heir and date Paris Hilton.
  • You can paint it like Timothy the Tugboat and then giggle to yourself.
  • You can start a ferry line of your own, dammit!

C'mon we really need to see a rogue ferry wandering around the harbor. Place your bids, people!

via The New York Daily News

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Too bad he didn't consider running it between Perth Amboy and Tottenville to relieve some of the Jersey Shore traffic at the Outerbridge Crossing...  You can sit at that bridge for HOURS during the summer and on holidays.

Abimbola Ladejo
Abimbola Ladejo

why not lets have a JV partnership and use it for ferry service here in Lagos Nigeria


i like the idea of living on it and becoming a pirate.


Following the link, I see much to my chagrin that bidding has ended. No offers were made. A pity. I like the idea of being a pirate.

Ronald Zhu
Ronald Zhu

unfortunately, He's paying $1000/month to have it docked somewhere in the city - a price not many people can afford for maintainance

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