Renato Seabra, Portuguese Model, Pleads Not Guilty to Brutal Murder of Carlos Castro

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The Portuguese underwear model Renato Seabra, suspected in the brutal murder of popular gossip journalist Carlos Castro at the InterContinental hotel in early January, pleaded not guilty at his Tuesday arraignment. The 21-year-old Seabra has already admitted to fighting with Castro, 65, allegedly after telling his travel partner that he was only in a "May-December relationship for the older man's money," according to the New York Post. Seabra stands charged with second-degree murder despite the brutal nature of the crime.

The Post seems thirsty for harsher punishment:

Strangulation, bludgeoning, face-stomping, castration with a corkscrew -- put them all together and you still get second-degree murder.
As cold-blooded as Seabra's alleged actions in that 34th-floor hotel room sound, first-degree murder also requires that the murderer enjoyed himself, or "relished the infliction of extreme physical pain upon the victim."

Seabra, apparently, gets a break for not having -- or at least not admitting to having had -- a good time while allegedly committing the tortures.

With a murder two conviction, Seabra could see a parole officer in only 25 years. He is being held without bail until his next court appearance on March 4. For more on the murder, check out "Murder on the 34th Floor" from the New York Observer.

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That Castro did not deserve the fate that befell him, that is undeniable. It is still logical to take into consideration the events that led up to what happened in NYC on Jan 7. Needless to say, this story has been a big deal in Portugal. To a person everyone agrees that what happened to Castro was tragic and should not have happened. But it is also undeniable that Castro contributed by far the most to the chain of events that led to what ended up happening. To start off, what is a 65 year old gay guy doing initiating contact with a 20 year old straight kid from rural Portugal who was probably not the most sophisticated person nor aware of the ways of the world, particularly the world of the likes of Carlos Castro. Castro no doubt was part of the "arts and croissant" crowd. A crowd that appears to live in a world where all is fair, so long as their selfish desires are satisfied. All can be sacrificed at this altar. Which helps explain why he had no compunction about going after someone like Renato, a decent young man whom Castro ended up corrupting. For example, it was reported by Castro's friends, not Renato's since he didn't have any in NYC when he first arrived, that what no doubt contributed to the explosive situation was what they termed "jealousy." Castro was upset that Renato was flirting with young women. What did Castro expect? Here's a young, handsome kid, straight by all accounts— it's inevitable he's going to get the ladies' attention. What delusional world was Castro in thinking that this wasn't going to happen? It appears Castro thought he "owned" Renato since they were traveling on his dime and got upset that he wasn't getting Renato's complete and full attention. Fast forward to when no doubt Castro was expecting Renato to engage in the behavior he was expecting, and guess what? Things blew up. They shouldn't have. Castro did not deserve to get killed, but hey, Castro made his own bed and now look where it got him. And a far bigger shame is that a decent, promising, young man compromised himself, lost it, and appears to have committed a horrible act for which he will have to pay a very dear price. Beyond tragic. CORAGEM RENATO! TEM UN MAR DE GENTE QUE TE APOIA! God bless you, comfort you, and keep you safe from harm Renato.

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