Schools Making Sure Students Attend Class With GPS Tracking

Students cutting class is something that has existed ever since school was invented. But the Anaheim Union High School District school district is enacting a plan to get their kids in line. According to the Orange County Register, "seventh- and eighth-graders with four unexcused absences or more this school year are assigned to carry a hand-held GPS device about the size of a cell phone."

The students also will receive calls to their houses by school counselors to make sure they get up and come to school -- something that NYC schools are starting to do, but with celebrities. The program has a great success rate: "Where the GPS technology has been implemented, average attendance among chronically truant students jumped from 77 percent to 95 percent during the six-week program."

Although the GPS technology shows good results for boosting attendance, are we turning kids into criminals? Psychologically, it can't be good for teenagers -- especially the "bad ones" -- to get used to being treated like they've broken the law, with their every step being traced. Junior high school should be a time where kids test the limits a little bit. They're like thirteen -- four days of missed class shouldn't be grounds for a school to watch a kid's every move.

Plus, some evidence that GPS tracking doesn't really work too well anyway:

[via Pat's Papers]


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This is not treating students like criminals! It is another way to condition our youth to be controled by police and goverment. We dont even monotor men and women on parole this closely. Even sex offenders have more fredom than what the kids useing this device have!

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