The 10 Cutest Things on the Internet

Honorable mention.
Because we are dedicated to you, we have spent quite a bit of time analyzing numerous Google Image results for cuteness, based on extensive Internet searches for "the cutest thing in the world," "the cutest thing on the Internet," and "the cutest thing EVER." There's a whole helluva lotta cute out there, friends. Using our highly scientific Cuteness Indicator (baby + animal + tiny body + giant eyes + furry + silly, with bonus points for casts, playground equipment, clothing, and stuffed animals), here are the 10 CUTEST THINGS ON THE INTERNET, right now. In our opinion. Cute is a matter of opinion, after all.

10. This piglet shod in dapper red wellies has been making the rounds today and it is, indeed, pretty fucking adorable.


9. Baby panda on a playground toy!

Thumbnail image for panda.jpg

8. Baby red panda pretending like he's dancing the "Thriller" dance.


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