Vodafone Commercial Features Double Rainbow Guy, Rips Off College Humor

The Double Rainbow Guy, if you remember from our memes of the summer, was just hired to star in a commercial for Vodafone. The commercial shows The D.R.G. in complete awe of everything double on his New Zealand vacation. Great idea, but there's a catch: The commercial clearly rips off a parody of a video done by the College Humor team. Watch it after the jump.

Both videos are based off of the same (obvious) concept: that everyday things that come in pairs amaze the D.R.G. Both videos feature two of the same doubles: double ice creams and double cheeseburgers. And both videos succeed in making us very tired of the Double Rainbow Guy.

Speaking of memes, how's Antoine Dodson doing these days?

[via Buzzfeed]

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You can't be serious. Having someone see doubles of everything and getting excited is pretty much the only way you can parody double rainbow guy that makes sense. There was no rip off here.

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