Bridge and Tunnel Traps Now Competing With Hipster Traps on NYC Sidewalks

Jeff Greenspan and Hunter Fine, the artists behind the Hipster Traps that started popping up in New York City last weekend, have moved on to a subculture (?) even easier to stereotype with signifiers: Guidos. The Bridge and Tunnel trap replaces the PBR, American Spirits and bike chain booty with stuff like LIRR schedules, a gold chain, Drakkar Noir cologne and hair gel. They warned us this was coming.

Gothamist spotted one of the new Bridge and Tunnel traps in front of the bar Mason & Dixon on the corner of Essex St. and Rivington, where many a weekend night hipsters and the Bridge and Tunnel crowd have collided, with bad jokes and bad words on both sides. This new round of street art has already been nicknamed "Jersey Shore traps," so let's just go ahead and call the last ones "Michael Cera traps."

The artists reportedly work in advertising during the day (so don't be surprised when they're selling something) and Greenspan is also responsible for the buzzed about walking lane for tourists.

For the record, here are your artists. Classify them as you will:

L: Fine, R: Greenspan
[ / @joecoscarelli]

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Art done in response to Jersey Shore is extra artsy. It's like double art.

Mr Mister
Mr Mister

I'm super easygoing and nice to know and I'm from Jersey. Just saying. Just across the river and in Hudson County, there are many great people from all walks of life. Is it really worth it to judge people based on location and/or appearance? Where's the love?

Disclaimer: I'm neither a guido nor a hipster. I don't drink old man beers to be ironic and I don't wear jeans that look like they were painted on. But even if I was, it shouldn't matter to you. If you're confident with yourself, you'll be confident in other people.

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