Here's a Photo of the World's Most 'Typical' Person: Joe Six-Pack is Chinese

via Yahoo!
Have you seen this dude? Probably. According to National Geographic, he's the most typical person in the world. Researchers put together about 190,000 photographs of 28-year-old Han Chinese men (the largest demographic in the world -- hear that, advertisers?) to create this image of Mr. Average. His mom still thinks he's special.

Other things National Geographic says define the most typical person in the world:

  • He makes less than 12 grand a year
  • He has a cell phone
  • He doesn't have a bank account
  • He is right handed
  • By 2030, he will be Indian

And because he's a man, he probably leaves the toilet seat up and won't let go of the remote! Am I right, ladies?


The most typical face on the planet [Yahoo!]

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