Drunk Dial Viral Video Seems Like a Secret Ad for Jamba Juice

The clip above, which was posted to Viral Viral Videos, Daily Intel and has already amassed over 25,000 views since Saturday, purports to be a visualization of a drunken email meant for a boy named Ryan by a girl named Dominic on an inebriated Friday night, after their first meeting, but accidentally delivered to a skilled internet video-maker. It sounds like the girl and Ryan hit it off! But then the girl starts rambling, complimenting Ryan's "cute little shirt" and "little pants," first saying she works at Ebay and then saying she works at Jamba Juice. Then she spells Jamba Juice a few times. That makes the whole thing seem like an ad for Jamba Juice.

Now maybe we're just jaded. (Blame the guys behind the Times Square hoax. Or the dry erase job quitting girl, etc.)

But the whole thing just goes on a little bit too long. Add that to the fact that Jamba Juice has a pretty established viral video presence and that the user who claims to have created this video does not, and it's certainly possible that this was just cooked up by some savvy marketing people like our friends at Thinkmodo.

Other things to think about: there's no cursing or otherwise objectionable content in the message, which can't be said for most drunken ramblers, but would be crucial to maximum viral-ness on behalf of a corporation. And that said, what better product is there to fortify your body with after a long night out, for top-shelf hangover sustenance? That's right: a smoothie.

What do you think?

[jcoscarelli@villagevoice.com / @joecoscarelli]

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Rainier Wolfcastle
Rainier Wolfcastle

This rings more true than you might think. I live close enough to the main eBay campus that my wife used to walk to work when she worked there. Immediately adjacent to the campus is a tiny strip mall housing a Starbucks, a Boston Market and, yes, a Jamba Juice.

So when she says she "works at eBay", she could be drunkenly referring to the Jamba Juice location "at eBay", because it is practically in eBay's parking lot.

And, no, I'm not curious enough to go to that Jamba Juice and see if a Dominic works there.

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