FBI Needs Help Cracking Codes in Mysterious Murder Case

Bored at work today? Feel like solving a murder? The FBI has resorted to asking the public for help with the open murder case of Ricky McCormick. The body of the 41-year-old was found along Highway 67 in West Alton, Illinois, with his throat likely slashed, the Mystery Report says. In his pockets were two encrypted, hand-written notes that may have clues to his unsolved murder. Photos of the notes after the jump, if you're up for it, gumshoe.

The FBI's Cryptanalysis and Racketeering Records Unit couldn't break these codes for the life of them:

McCormick had used such encrypted notes since he was a boy, but apparently no one in his family knows how to decipher the codes, and it's unknown whether anyone besides McCormick could translate his secret language...Our cryptanalysts have several plausible theories about the notes, but so far, there has been no solution.

Here's where you come in. While there is no reward for cracking the case, it would be a great story to tell during happy hour this evening. Get to work!

If you have any success, get in contact with the FBI (in non-encrypted English, please) at the following address:

FBI Laboratory
Cryptanalysis and Racketeering Records Unit
2501 Investigation Parkway
Quantico, VA 22135
Attn: Ricky McCormick Case

Ricky McCormick's Mysterious Codes [The Mystery Report]

[ngreene@villagevoice.com / @nickgreene]

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on page 2 in the 2nd bubble, it looks like a telephone number. KL SE LR S TE TR SE TR MK SE NMR SE5 - 5 OR 7 7 3 OR 8 7 OR 8 - 7 OR 8 5 OR 6 - NUMBER -


ST. Louis Missouri area code 314. Computer could run these combinations of numbers are get a list of names


well- I think this note is short hand for a theory of a drug company that put harmful mineral extracts in medicines -which created neurological problems.Heres why: (ALS) appears in the corner- and the word "Cure "appears in the text.then there are references to mineral chemical names CBN(SE) PQt(SE) and so forth. Google these and you will see what I mean. Also there is a mention of (WLDs) - thats a protein that protects nerve cells when damaged in some species.Also repeated is (NCBE) which is an absortion rate to organic cells . Google this as well.some other references seem to refer to places or locations (wld's 194) is the 194 countries recognized in the world.Perhaps this man- stumbled on this information-sought to prove it and got killed in the process aswhen I googled the possibility- a Law suit against a pharmacutical company appeared- apparently for putting Harmful minerals medicines.Check it out- It is possible. Look up the trail I did.


This murder happened in St. Louis MO not Illinois


I have been following much the same trail.

There are references on the bottom of the 1st note to :

NRSE 1 and 2 in trailercab (neutron resident spin echo - a spectometer)?

RC Burns..........author on microbiology?

SE NEBE AU...........Sed Nebe Australia?

HM Crenmore...........located in Australia?

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