GoDaddy CEO Kills Elephant on Video, Dresses African Villagers in Company Hats

GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons is the target of some animal activist ire based on the above video of him "saving" an African village from an elephant who was ruining crops. The clip starts off with ominous music as the hunters show the animal damage and then stalk their enemy. Cue darkness, loud noises. "Bob Parsons fires first," the text reads. "Bob Parsons fires again. Both shots hit home." There's a photo of Parsons proudly standing over the dead animal's carcass. Then it gets really weird.

AC/DC's "Hells Bells" comes on, triumphantly, as "hungry villagers butcher the elephant." A majority of the male villagers are wearing bright orange GoDaddy hats, which get a special zoom-in from the camera.

"Even though the elephant was huge, there is not enough meat for everyone," reads the text.

The strange mix of machismo and colonialist vibes are enough to make even a a non-animal lover uncomfortable. PETA, though, is really pissed, according to Business Insider. No word from AC/DC as far as music licensing goes. Maybe buy your domain names elsewhere from now on? Or find Bob Parsons and give him a big high-five!



As a representative of, an animal-loving, non-sexist competitor of - we want to offer all the disgruntled GoDaddy customers out there a special offer this week. In the video, one of the reasons for killing the elephant listed is that supposedly it provided necessary food for African villagers. However, it's not necessary to kill elephants to feed those in need. Instead, we want to donate to Heifer International and their programs to feed hungry families in Africa for each domain you transfer to

Now through next Thursday, April 7th, use the coupon FEEDAFRICA to transfer domains to for a special reduced price of $4.99 per domain for the first 12 domains you transfer, and we will also donate $1 to Heifer International.

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Stacey Cunningham
Stacey Cunningham

what a complete a-hole!! elephants are majestic creatures and should not be killed for sport! i hope people think again before using his services from now on. i will never use godaddy again! Im sorry but I cant support this type of behavior. lets send a message loud and clear! if you have sites with godaddy move them to a different provider! I moved my sites today to ferngullygraphics for hosting take that bob parsons!


God, he's such a disgusting stereotype of an entitled rich American asshole.

Dear World,

Very few Americans are like this motherfucker. Unfortunately, due to his bank account, we have to put up with this tiny-dicked cretin giving all of us a bad name.

Sincerely,The American People


Well put...couldn't agree more.

joanne bruyere
joanne bruyere

you are a pest and also an embarrassment to the american people and canadian also.. so, should we just shoot you?n does your dick feel bigger now that you killed and innocent animal,

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