Help Make New York City Rude Again

Lady Gaga, rude New Yorker
Since mid-February a spirited campaign has quietly been brewing to return New York City to its former glory. See, Travel and Leisure magazine had the nerve to place NYC at second place on their rudest cities in America list, behind Los Angeles. In response, someone started a Tumblr, as tends to happen. It's called pointedly "Re-Establish NYC as the Rudest City in America" and declares in its inaugural post that Travel and Leisure "has it all wrong, and we're pissed." The website will serve as a "central point for evidence collection that NYC is the rudest place in America" in order to "secure the title belt in 2012."

The plan is to crowdsource rudeness:

* Contribute tweets with the rudest, "Only in New York" moments that you come across and include the hashtag #rudenyc - we'll do the same and post the best ones here.

* Follow us on Follow NYCRudeMoments on Twitter and send your stories to: @NYCRudeMoments

* Submit your rudest stories, videos, pictures, etc using the submit tab to the right

* Send your stories, pictures and videos to we'll post them here

* Spread the word about the movement and embrace your inner asshole, we need this to be a mean year

Travel and Leisure has already taken notice, probably thanks to rich nuggets like this submission from yesterday: "Frail older woman w/ luggage, getting on airport bus, asks driver for assistance. His reply: Not in my job description, lady." We love to hate this place, too.

[ / @joecoscarelli]

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Nellie Vin
Nellie Vin

Why to go just for rudest, lets go for the kill ! New York, NY most friendliest city in US for foreign traveler, new comer, etc. and lets keep it this way


Can't wait to read the blog post, "10 Reasons New York City Is the Rudest City, Redux" in two weeks and then "10 Reasons New York City Should Be Nice Again" in three months, etc.


I lived in both cities 15 years each. Glad I moved to Maine before each one of them jumped the shark! Rudeness is never hip.


This is about the lamest story, I've heard all year.

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