Julian Assange Rants Against Jews, Guardian Editors and Gossip in UK's Private Eye

The latest issue of Private Eye, the current affairs magazine from the United Kingdom, includes a damning column about WikiLeaks leader Julian Assange, in which an editor from the magazine details "as much as [he] can remember" about a phone call with an angry Assange, who spews anti-Semitic rhetoric and slams the journalists at Britain's the Guardian, with whom Assange worked closely for a time. Titled "A Curious Conversation With Mr. Assange," the article begins with a phone call from Assange himself, calling a recent Private Eye piece about an anti-Semitic WikiLeaks associate "crap," despite admitting he didn't read it. Assange goes on to charge the Guardian with leading a conspiracy at the hands of "journalist David Leigh, editor Alan Rusbridger and John Kampfner...all of whom 'are Jewish,'" in Assange's words. Eventually he backtracks, but he still sounds like an asshole.

The Guardian editor Rusbridger, Private Eye points out, isn't even Jewish. Assange countered that he's "sort of Jewish." After some prodding, Assange relented: "Forget the Jewish thing."

Still, "Assange really is very cross indeed with the Guardian and its hacks," according to Private Eye. Assange said he stopped them from "ripping him off" for millions of dollars in book deals and the like.

But Private Eye eventually gets to the probable source of Assange's anger: "He is further outraged that the Guardian's Nick Davies reported the leaked police material from the sex case against him in Sweden, and that Alan Rusbridger did not stop the Swedish story going into the newspaper." (Read more on the Guardian's report of Assange's sexual abuse allegations here.)

"They failed my masculinity test," Assange said of the Guardian editors. "They behaved like gossiping schoolgirls." Anti-Semitism and sexism? The man is not making any friends.

The whole column is scanned and reproduced here by the blog Liberal Conspiracy, though it is not online via Private Eye.

UPDATE: As noted by a few, including a commenter at Liberal Conspiracy, "You do all realize of course that Private Eye is a satirical magazine?" While that may be their primary aim, sometimes they do real reported work as well, and the initial Private Eye piece that allegedly offended Assange, about an anti-Semite in the WikiLeaks ranks, does indeed exist. Assange's comments about the Guardian are all corroborated elsewhere and his references to a Jewish conspiracy are not even overblown enough to be of the Charlie Sheen variety. So if it's a joke, it's too subtle. And the fact that it's believable at all says something else entirely about Assange.

[jcoscarelli@villagevoice.com / @joecoscarelli]

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Be careful of who you believe in the attempts to smear Assange.

Private Eye Magazine – Hypocrites!

'Private Eye' magazine have been smearing Assange in the U.K. This is the story of how I found out the conspiracy against Assange does exist and is wide ranging.

‘Private Eye’ is a magazine which expresses a particularly strong moral dislike of misogyny, anti-feminism, holocaust denial and anti-Semitism – in public that is. Behind the scenes at ‘Private Eye’, things are rather different.

‘Private Eye’ appeared to be so obviously concerned that Julian Assange might have caused harm to women and Jewish people, I took them at their word and wrote to Ian Hislop. My letter warned of something far more dangerous and sinister than Assange’s alleged crimes.

For decades, an individual has been churning out hate material and spreading it all over the internet. Not on hidden ‘Darknet’ sites and not even anonymously. It is all published under his own name and is easily obtainable from any of his numerous hate sites. Here are a few samples.

“It is no coincidence that those at the forefront of the campaign for so-called ‘feminism’ are Marxists and Jews. Indeed, the whole ‘women’s liberation movement’ was the creation of Jews…”

“ This was the hoax of the Jewish ‘holocaust’.”

“There are several excellent reasons why the story of “the Jewish holocaust” is a fictional tale – a product of Zionist propaganda – and why the so-called “evidence” which is produced, and which has been produced, in support of this story is suspect or false.”

Strangely, ‘Private Eye’s abhorrence of anti-Semitism and its pious concern for the defence of feminists, evaporated completely as soon someone other than Assange was being accused. ‘Private Eye’ didn’t want to run the story and no, they wouldn’t even publish a letter on the subject.

So it seems Holocaust denial and misogyny are not the real issues for ‘Private Eye’. It is Julian Assange himself that they disapprove of. 
But why Assange and not the author of the hate material ? Read a little further and you will begin to see that ‘Private Eye’ is a bit more pro-establishment than it would have us believe.

The purveyor of the hate material is a police informer, with alleged links to MI5. The authorities’ failure to arrest this man, even though he has published illegal hate material for thirty years, certainly supports this assertion. 
My letter to ‘Private Eye’ explained that the hate sites are used as ‘honey traps’ to attract extremists for the purpose of ID theft. The information is then passed on to the authorities. The problem with this strategy is that, although some extremists are prompted to attempt acts of terrorism by the material, they are not always caught in time. This is what happened in London in 1999. A young man, heavily influenced by the informer’s hate material, set off a series of nail bombs before he was caught by the police. An unborn child and its mother and many others, were killed in these attacks. At the time the security services said that the police informer was not under surveillance, so they could not have prevented the loss of life. Now more than a decade later, the informer is still publishing his dangerous nonsense and nothing is done. So it looks as if the bomb victim’s families were lied to in 1999, because this person is an informer and they knew exactly what he was up to.

But ‘Private Eye’, the magazine which promotes itself as a fearless exposer of the truth, wont touch this story. They wont even allow any mention of the informer in their letters page. Yet Julian Assange is pilloried in every issue of the ‘Eye’, over allegations which at present haven’t even been tested in court. 
Could it be that for ‘Private Eye’, Holocaust denial and manslaughter is O.K. If MI5 says it is?

Some very lucrative careers in the mainstream media have been launched on the back of ‘anti-establishment’ satirical magazine ‘Private Eye’. Next time you see a rich little guy on TV ‘defending to the death’ our right to free speech, just remember it doesn’t extend to the unborn child who was blown up before it had a chance to live.

If you request it, I will name the informer and publish scans of the letters from ‘Private Eye’ magazine refusing to expose the informer's Holocaust denial.


Badger baiting, smear, and taboo. Guys, it's all so tabloid!!


Thank you Julian Assange. WE SUPPORT YOU. You have finally given the public a foolproof method to hold governments accountable, all around the world. Ignore the haters, like everyone else is already doing, and keep doing your thing.


" And the fact that it's believable at all says something else entirely about Assange." No, it says something about lazy American journalists like you.

Erik Petersen
Erik Petersen

Private Eye is a magazine with two distinct strands, satire and reportage. They shouldn't be confused with each other; its investigative and other serious journalism is some of the best around.That it gets sued a lot says more about the state of British libel law.

james fingleton wild
james fingleton wild

Mr Assange states conspiracy the rest is inferred by the author. Another smear campaign to sway public and especially Jewish support away from Mr Assange. Even though he is not stated as saying "Jewish conspiracy" racist mud is hurled with glue. Mr Assange attempts to clarify his position by stating to the author 'forget this Jewish thing' but the author spins it to mean the opposite. Journalism of supposition at work. Mr Assange is not anti-Semitic.


have you checked your sources? I went looking for the article and cannot find it. In addition, the reference to Private Eye Magazine as your source, concerns me, since they have a long track record of libel litigation. Private Eye is often accused of specialising in scurrilous gossip and scandal about the misdeeds of the powerful and famous, and has been the recipient of numerous libel writs.

I just think that there needs to be more information available if this were true, other than a someone's best recollection of a telephone conversation.


Private Eye is a current affirs and satirical magazine. It rides the establishment hard on certain issues - their investigative reporting is decent.


The magazine was only released today, so copyright is preventing it from being published online at this time.

They do have a tendancy to piss off the establishment, don't they? On the other hand, they've been right about lots of things too. Also, consider the UK Libel laws. They're quite conducive to winning libel cases.

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