Man Kisses Rat and Everyone Watches, Just Like He Wants

For all of your rat video needs, please defer to NYC the Blog, who can't help but publicize these disgusting creatures. Sometimes, though, they're too jarring to ignore -- like when the brave rodents crawl on sleeping subway riders -- and so we're forced to proliferate the smut. The above clip, of a man attempting to make out with his pet rat on the subway, is unadulterated filth, made ickier by the fact that all this man wants is attention. And here we are.

Rather than dive into the complex mental rabbit hole (rat hole?) of judging the ability of animals to give consent to kiss, let's just go ahead and assume the rat in question is in an abusive, one-sided relationship, as demonstrated more clearly in a second clip of this sad, strange man, this time putting the rat's entire head in his mouth:
This is our fault. [via]

[ / @joecoscarelli]

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Arent city rats, uummm , huge?? That little "subway rat" looks to me like a PET that some dumb-ass let go and it was looking for a HUMAN to care for him/her, as it had been before...IT WAS SCARED.


If the above "author" has EVER, ACTUALLY interacted with a PET RAT, you might know what you are talking about...Its painfully, stereotypically, OBVIOUS you havent. Kissing a PET RAT is no different than kissing a pet dog. This dork risks his pets health putting the rat in the HUMAN'S mouth, and swinging him back and forth...There are so many other ways to intro pet rats to people...

PET RATS came about in the 1880's in England. Do some research.

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