New York Subway Video From 1986 Features K and CC Trains

Making the blog rounds this morning is a 10-minute YouTube video uploaded just yesterday of the New York City subway system in 1986. It's beautiful in its way and fascinating in both its similarities to today (sad-looking people, grimy stations, hustle, bustle) and its differences (graffiti, the K and CC trains, tokens). Full story of the footage after the jump.

Via RailroadPacific:

The story: In 1986 I made a round trip through the USA and Canada. The starting point was New York. So I filmed some scenes in Manhattan. And was going in the underground at 43nd St & Timesquare. I filmed with a big ARRIflex 16mm camera with a 120m magazine with 7250 Kodak 16mm color reversal Tungsten 400 ASA film and a Schneider Cine Xenon 1:2/16mm lens. This equipment is good for 10 Minutes recording duration at 25 f/sec.

After I time a man comes to me and said, he´s a cameraman at ABC and filming at the subway is strictly forbidden without any permission and police is on the other end of the platform. So I was leaving the station, but I had these beautiful pics of the old times in the New York subway. At the same time I recorded the stereo sound with a SONY WM-D6C with two Sennheiser micros in stereo.

In 1986 I edited the pics to the song of the band "London Beat" -- "9am at a New York subway". About 25 years later I was uploading this movie to YouTube. But SONY Music was locking my movie because of the copyright of the song. So I deleted the audio track und was uploading the silence version. After the great response to this video of the New York subway of 1986 now I opened my archive once again with the original film and composed it with the original stereo sound to this over 10 minutes long "directors cut" of all scenes, I filmed at this day in June 1986. Enjoy it!

The clip is soothing. Someone will project this onto the wall of a Brooklyn house party this weekend, if they know how to throw a nice, hip New York party. We would like to attend that party.

[ / @joecoscarelli]

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It's amazing that we were able to survive not floating in a self-absorbed bubble of ipod music and twitter-twatting.

Ed Kollin
Ed Kollin

Nobody had laptops or cell phones either. They couldn't do work 24/7and yet the economy was a hell of a lot better then today. Had to actually read a newspaper with news from OMG the day before. But then the Post had 8 editions coming out every hour and you could get the early editions of the next day's paper by 10PM

Ed Kollin
Ed Kollin

Pretty much except for a few yuppies everybody looks pretty much like they do in 2011, and not like what we think of when we think of the 80's today (New Wave, Miami Vice, Hair Metal, Hip hop).

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