The 7 Most Ridiculous Royal Wedding Products

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You simply can't have a royal wedding without a classy assortment of royal wedding branded products! Of course, we've all seen the mugs and buttons and teddy bears. But if you really want to celebrate the most important royal wedding of our time, THE ROYAL WEDDING TO END ALL ROYAL WEDDINGS, the royal wedding of Prince William and the lovely but common Kate Middleton, you must outfit yourself fully with the following items. Depending on your perspective and whether you're actually invited to the event (let's face it, you're not), these are the best or worst royal wedding-related products currently in existence. We must have them all. Oh, and we shall.

7. Prince Charles' 250-piece royal wedding jigsaw puzzle.


Probably you're all, "Jigsaws are for losers. And old people." But what seems like a regular old puzzle (yawn) is transformed when you realize that a piece of Prince William's forehead might be forever lost in your shag carpeting. If you're lucky. Or, perhaps, slipped under your pillow for a bit of comfort on those lonely nights. Plus, it includes "unique Wentworth 'whimsy' pieces" made from sustainable forests! Whimsy is ever so British.

6. Knit Your Own Royal Wedding: The book.
If there's one thing that goes with another thing, it's knitting and the royals. You can make them all according to this guide for your own in-home purposes. Imagine the good times that will ensue once you have a personal crew of soft, woolly royal friends who look just like Wills and Kate and even the Queen and her corgis. That's a wedding you'll get an invite to, most certainly, even if you're the only one there. There's video, too!

5. Your very own royal wedding sickbag.
Lydia Lieth has designed these silk-screened bags in vibrant blue and red. They're just £3.00 a pop, and they're shipping worldwide. As Lieth writes on her site, "Future collectable?!" Now, you need only make yourself sick. Easy!


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