TSA Continuing to Wantonly Grope People

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A Brooklyn woman told the Post she was inappropriately patted down at LaGuardia. You're thinking: Welcome to the club, sweetie! But this is unusual because she had already cleared security. A female agent stopped her on the way to her gate and gave her a three-minute frisking, involving a lot of manhandling of the breasts, crotch, and inner thigh. Nancy Campbell, 33, was told that if she didn't submit to the pat-down she wouldn't be allowed to fly:

When she balked, the agent told her, "You can either continue on flailing about, or you can let me do my job. If you don't, you can't fly." Apparently Campbell got on her flight in tears.

Her complaint is one of 1,000 the TSA has received from gropees since November, when full-body scanners/groping was introduced. And it's receved over 4,000 complaints from people who just wanted to complain about the idea of pat-downs.

A TSA spokesperson said, "We will certainly look into the specifics of this passenger's complaint. Officers are trained to conduct these pat-downs in a professional manner." I'm never flying again.

[Gothamist via NYP]

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