3D Porn Gettin' China All Worked Up

With all the talk about China being an emerging superpower and formidable economic player, we often forget that they still have to catch up with the good ol' US of A on some fronts. Namely, being cool about porn. The Independent reports that Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy, a multi-million dollar 3D porn feature, has been banned in mainland China, and tour groups are making voyages to Hong Kong and Taiwan to see the flick. Producer Stephen Shiu Jr. boasts, "It will leave audiences feeling like they are sitting right there at the edge of the bed." Sorry, mainland China, but there's a sock on the doorknob.

America has already tried its hand at 3D porn, with 2010's This Ain't Avatar XXX earning mixed reviews (at the risk of editorializing this piece, the alien world of Panwhora was underwhelming). The scope and budget of Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy promises to be unprecedented for a pornographic film, and it is creating so much buzz that Taiwanese newspapers are reporting that "at least five tour groups from mainland China have already made reservations to see the films during the May Day holiday."

Check out the trailer below to see what all the fuss is about (it is somewhat NSFW, but c'mon, this isn't China, give it a look):

The filmmakers are marketing it for other countries as well and are even trying to open it in famously prudish Singapore by "cutting sex scenes involving monks and practices such as sadomasochism and group sex."

Man, this sounds good.

China gets hot under the collar over world's first 3D porn film [Independent]

[ngreene@villagevoice.com / @nickgreene]

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