78-Square-Foot New York City Apartment Kicks Fat Ass of 90-Square-Foot Apartment

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Luke's place, via ApartmentTherapy
Remember that 90-square-foot apartment that we were all freaking out about earlier this month, you know, how can anyone live there that's just insane I'd have a panic attack I'm having one right now, etc., etc.? In fact, its owner did have a panic attack on her first night in the "loft." Yet, that is not the smallest apartment in New York City. Oh no. Apartment Therapy's "Small/Cool 2011" (The 7th Annual Smallest Coolest Home Contest) includes the extra-special, extra-tiny 78-square-foot New York City abode known as "Luke's Barely Habitable."

Luke writes:

What I Love About My Home It's simple, efficient, convertible, and zen enough to be comfortably habitable.

Biggest Challenge in Furnishing My Home Well I think such small spaces really need custom responses so I put together my own furnishing. But the most challenging part was trying to build the bed/couch inside the space...rotating full 4x8 sheets of ply and playing the sliding square game but with furniture and building materials.

Apartment Therapy has more pictures, which will both amaze you as to Luke's small-space solutions (that couch becomes a bed! Is there even a bathroom?) and also prevent you from complaining about your 250-square-foot behemoth (how do you even furnish that monstrosity?) ever again.

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