Bike Tickets Up 65 Percent in 2011; Every Cyclist Is An Asshole, New York Post Reports

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Bike-hating newspaper the New York Post dispatched four reporters to two bike lanes in Soho in order to observe how many of the riders broke the rules thereby putting everyone's life in danger, as the NYPD continues to crack down on "dangerous" riders. The Post "investigation" counted 7,182 cyclists between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. over a five day span (while we thought the Post taught us that no one even rode bikes) and the tattletale tabloid estimates that 41 percent of the riders broke the law as they "blew throughout red lights, pedaled the wrong way, zipped along the sidewalk or rode outside the lanes." We get it, Post -- cyclists are ruining this city. Stop wasting everyone's time with math.

As if there was any doubt about the paper's stance, the accompanying photograph shows a man riding a fixed-gear bike, talking on his cell phone while checking out the butt of a woman in high heels. See, devils.

Throughout the five-day experiment, a bunch of riders almost hit people, but as did a bunch of pedestrians and delivery vans and taxi cabs, presumably. The Post counted "an average of four near-collisions per hour," whatever that means. Also:

Another time, a man on a unicycle going the wrong way down Lafayette ran the light, forcing a cyclist crossing Prince with the right of way to swerve to avoid a collision.

Someone stop this madness.

One pedestrian said he "can't stand" cyclists and a cop added, "We usually don't ticket or fine them, but we should, because they break all the rules. I've seen a lot of accidents right here involving cyclists. It happens all the time."

This year's 65 percent increase in summonses brings the total to 9,427 so far in 2011, and we've seen them for everything from speeding to running red lights to riding on the sidewalk and laughing at someone who was caught riding on the sidewalk.

But now the Post knows for sure because they made it scientific; every rider belongs behind bars, basically.


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James Donohue
James Donohue

 What are the totals on bike vs pedestrian crashes?How many Bike vs Bike crashes have occurred? 


The Post is a god awful rag. However, I think many bicyclists are the biggest hypocrites and are even less respectful of pedestrians than cars of taxis. Sorry just because you're blowing a whistle doesn't give you the right to blow through red lights or make pedestrians crossing on a walk signal have to dive out of your way. Not all bicyclists are like this of course, but enough are so that it is an issue. Respect is a two way street.

Patrick C
Patrick C

"Bike-hating newspaper the New York Post......." I think that sets the tone for the rest of the article. There has been a lot of opposition from residents about these bike lanes. Have you considered the possibility that the ticketing might actually prove them somewhat right? Get off your high hat liberal perch for a minute. You want to promote more bike lanes? Start taking the minority of these bikers to task and explain that if they want more public access they have to earn it!


You're right, we shouldn't call thems a news-paper because it's not.So get off your three martini conservative perch and deal with the fact that things change. Deal with it and try to have a sense of humor.

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