Brooklyn Teacher Held on $100K Bail After "Columbine" Threat

via NYDN
An art teacher at Fort Hamilton High School in Bay Ridge has been charged with making terrorist threats after saying that she would take a "machine gun under a trench coat and it would be Columbine all over again" in the teachers' break room. The teacher, 34-year-old Sabrina Milo, was crying as she said this to three other teachers, who went to the school's principal. She was arrested on Friday and is being held on a $100,000 bail.

Milo, who's been working in NYC public schools since 2001, had gotten in trouble with the Department of Education before, having been sent to one of the infamous "rubber rooms" in May for a disciplinary violation. Her lawyer told the court that Milo is "not a threat to anybody" and basically that she doesn't have a gun anyway, so why worry. There's ways of getting those, you know.

Obviously it was a stupid and menacing thing to say, but who knows what tone she was using, what happened in her class that day, etc. Totally unacceptable nonetheless. But maybe it was an honest-to-God moment of foot in mouth, with nothing dangerous behind it. No way to know for sure. Milo's husband's ex-wife told the Post (perhaps with something of a bias?) "I'm not surprised" about the incident.

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She used to wLk around saying "kill kill kill" for no reason and say " i hate everyone" this is a vert troubled woman


Not sincere at all. She knows the only way to try and get out of this is to play it down and lie that she had no idea her statement made out of frustration would be interpreded as a threat bull crap. Some of us have known her for years. She knows exactly what the statement means. She was shocked thT her teacher friends turned her in, not because she was arrested. She is lieing on wabc tv interview and she knows it. Her husand is a joke and of coyrse he is playing it down. They had time to hide any guns in the house. And anyone who thinks he had no gun in the house is a fool. Hes mulitary for years and from mississipi where rhe red necks have guns to hunt. Come on this woman needs to be licked up before she kills someone and put in the mental hopital for awhile. She smokes tons of pot for years and drank like a fish. Zurely that killed her brain cells. She knows dam well what she was saying .

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