Carnival Workers Mad at Obama; Nation's Political Discourse To Be Taken Off Life Support

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A subset of nomadic amusement park workers have issued grievance towards President Obama for remarks he made during yesterday's birth certificate press conference. During the press conference, which was held to disprove a bunch of lunatics, Obama said, "We're not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by sideshows and carnival barkers." Carnival workers are upset because of his use of the term, "carnival barker." America has turned into a massive malfunctioning tilt-a-whirl, and it's not going to stop no matter how much you vomit.

The Huffington Post spoke to many carnival workers (they find the term "carny" offensive, so we will not be using it) to gauge their reaction to the president's comments. Frank Zaitshik, who owns a carnival company, opined, "I think what Obama said is the same type of stereotype that has been placed on African Americans. You wouldn't expect those comments from someone who is a minority and has faced prejudice."

Mr. Zaitshik understands this prejudice because he was forced to have a press conference to confront people who refuse to believe he's an American due to the fact that he has an uncommon name and dark skin. That was carnival worker Frank Zaitshik who people insisted was born in Kenya, right?

Rob Weber, who runs echoed Mr. Zaitshik's sentiment. "A person who has fought for equal rights may not realize he's hurting a group of people," Weber said. "Maybe carnival people are the last safe stereotype to attack."

It is worth noting that these representatives of the carnival industry have confronted the issue with more eloquence and reserve than popular Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump (who we will call a carny).

Obama's analogy was apt and correct: the birther controversy is a carnival ride. Like a funhouse, at every corner our country turns we are presented with a more distorted and heinous mirror image than the last.

Carnival Barkers Slam Obama's Sideshow Remarks [HuffPo]

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Rich Margittay
Rich Margittay

For the owner of Wade Shows to cast dispersions on the President of the United States is worse than the thief shouting: “ROBBER!”   With Frank Zaitshik’s track record, he would be better off not attracting attention to himself.   To learn a little about Zaitshik’s Wade Shows’ recent carnival, Google: “Before You Head Out to a Summer Carnival.”  Owners like Zaitshik are most responsible for reinforcing the negative reference, “carnie.”  Google: “U.S. Troops cheated out of money at carnival, CBS News” or look at a Barbara Walters feature: “ABC 20/20 Carnival Games” to see why the words “carnie” and “barker” are pejorative in most cases.  To find out more about Zaitshik and other “carnie” owners, check out the book: “Carnival Games: $10,000,000,000 Hoodwink Racket – Organized Crime on American Midways.”  President Barack Obama’s use of the negative connotation “carnival barker” is most appropriate in the context he was explaining.  It is the corrupt carnival game scammers, and not President Obama, who taint the law abiding carnival workers. 


Contrary to what HuffPo may have found in their extensive research, show people don't mind the word carny at all assuming you aren't using the word as a slur, which is exactly what you've done in your post (by calling Mr. Trump one). Why not call him what he is instead of slamming a profession that much of America continues to berate? Mr. Weber is exactly right, these people are openly stereotyped and ridiculed at every turn in the press and elsewhere, often by (as in President Obama's case) otherwise honorable people.

Rich Margittay
Rich Margittay

Additionally: Google: "U.S. Troops Cheated out of Money at Carnival, CBS News."  At this carnival, returning combat veterans and their families were ripped off recently by  "carnie-barkers" at Fort Hood.  SHAMEFUL!

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