Donald Trump Likens LaGuardia to Third-World Airport

Sure, New York City's LaGuardia airport is pretty grimy. The floor tiles are caked with dirt that has lingered since the airport's opening in 1939, and the fabrics have taken an obvious beat down. The terminals are crowded, and as the smallest of three airports in the area, LaGuardia is noticeably the most outdated. Recently unable to keep his big trap closed, Donald Trump decided to call this out on national television yesterday, comparing LaGuardia to a "third-world" operation.

Trump first bashed the airport in front of an audience gathered for a tea party rally in Florida on Saturday, citing it as an example that America's infrastructure is worse than that of other nations' and calling it "old," "dirty," "falling apart," and "disgusting."

Trump brought it up again on CNN yesterday, and while Port Authority Executive Director Christopher Ward told the Daily News he agreed (also pointing out this is the only thing Trump has been right about as of lately), Ward reminded us that recent budget restrictions have made it nearly impossible to even consider a $4 million dollar renovation to LaGuardia's main terminal.

Besides, the city has already taken the necessary measures to rid the surrounding area of LaGuardia airport of possible geese attacks, and LaGuardia is known as one of the more convenient airports to get to...who cares if the carpet is old and dingy?


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Why doesn't this bum just donate $4 million dollars to renovate the terminal? It's a nickel in the bucket to him!

Awful old guy
Awful old guy

"The carpet is old and dingy" - oh, I thought you were talking about the thing on Trump's head.

Aimless Vomit
Aimless Vomit

Why should he have to donate? It's a government operation.

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