Donald Trump to Out Fame-Whore Himself

Donald Trump has been being ever so coy about a possible run for president in 2012. He's hyping the will-he/won't-he tension just like a natural-born salesman with a reality TV show, which we suppose he is. He's been on the morning shows, he's made the ridiculous public statements about the legitimacy of Obama's birth certificate, he's told us that he doesn't need to answer silly little historical questions like how many people sit in the House of Representatives because anyone could know that, and that does not a president make. He's told us he'll tell us when he needs to tell us, like, maybe sometime in June. And now, he has announced that he will be announcing his decision about whether or not he'll run for president on the season finale of The Apprentice. UPDATE: He won't do it after all, according to the Observer.

Donald Trump shot down a report claiming he would announce his candidacy on the final episode of his show, The Apprentice, on May 15.

"I can't announce during the show, I really can't" and "I'm not allowed to" he said, during an interview on Talk1300. "I don't know where it came from."

He also said, in response to a poll showing Obama's support from African-Americans, "I have a great relationship with the blacks. I've always had a great relationship with the blacks. But unfortunately, it seems that, you know, the numbers you cite are very, very frightening numbers."

Previously, according to Yahoo's The Ticket,

The real estate mogul has chosen the season finale of his NBC reality show, "The Apprentice" as the venue for announcing his presidential decision, Newsmax reported late Wednesday. The show is set to air May 15. Newsmax reports that Trump will announce plans to hold a press conference to announce his candidacy in the Trump Tower in New York "a few days after" the finale.

Wait...he's making an announcement about whether or not he's going to run, and then will hold a press conference "to announce his candidacy"? Did he just give it away there? And...Did we ever really think he wouldn't run? Sigh.

Trump is very irritated that you think that he is doing this for ratings, by the way. His ratings are just fine!

"I don't need to do this for ratings on 'The Apprentice,'" he told the Wall Street Journal. "This is too important. Our country is in trouble. Our country is not being properly led. It needs help."

This won't end for a while, people. Trump is cool with running as an Independent if he doesn't get the GOP nomination. Kinda makes a person miss Ross Perot.

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