Hope Reichbach, City Politics Up-and-Comer, Found Dead at 22

Hope Reichbach, a 22-year-old aide to Councilman Stephen Levin, was found dead in her Brooklyn apartment Thursday afternoon. Reichbach, the daughter of Supreme Court Justice Gustin Reichbach, was discovered after an overdose and pronounced dead on the scene. The NYPD does not suspect foul play and found legally prescribed drugs in the apartment; officials have not yet ruled whether the overdose was suicide or accidental. "A bright young woman who was at the start of a career in public service is gone too soon," said City Council Speaker Christine Quinn in a joint statement with Levin, Reichbach's boss. "Hope was a wonderful, vivacious, and tough young woman--a beautiful soul who cared deeply about her community and her family." [Brooklyn Paper, WSJ]

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Whoever is poisoning people is doing a good job? Perry Moore's autopsy reports were "inconclusive" and the bozos at the Village Voice blamed that on pills as well.

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