Brooklyn Library Patrons Exchange Blows Over Porn, Library Computer Use

It is apparently "okay"* to watch porn in the Brooklyn Public Library, on the Brooklyn Library computer. What is not okay is becoming impatient while waiting to use the library computer, probably because you have to update your resume or something actually kind of important, while it is being used by someone who is leisurely just watching porn. What is not okay is then "becoming irate," and exchanging "blows" (the fist kind) with that person.

That will get you charged with assault, disorderly conduct, and harassment, as it did in the case of Durail Wright, 25, who got tired of waiting for Santiago Real, 38, to finish viewing A Tale of Two Titties (or so we imagine). In the end, Real, the porn-watcher, only ended up with a summons for disorderly conduct, reports the Post, meaning that Wright probably feels rather silly about now. When the library computers are in use, try the coffee shop?

*We have contacted the Brooklyn Public Library over their policy about porn on library computers. You know, for posterity.

Porn punch-up in B'klyn library [NYP]

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Ambrose Beers
Ambrose Beers

You do how many items about Brooklyn a week and you've ** never ** been to the main branch of the Brooklyn Public Library?

Or is feigning ignorance one of the tiresome parts of your schtick? There are others or I wouldn't bother but please. I'm not telling you go to Brownsville or Coney Island branches-- although that'd be very instructive-- but precisely who are you trying to put on the spot?

Likewise, if you went the library (maybe to read a book and not the goddamn internet), you'd very realize why some people don't go to a 'coffee shop'; or are you 'white' enough to let folks use ** your ** computer if they don't have one?

Wanna take three wild guesses?

Ambrose Beers
Ambrose Beers

Jen-- why not get off your ass and GO TO THE BPL and you'd ** see ** what the policy is...

Or is that too much work for an internet 'journalist' (sic)?

This story is hardly surprise; your sloth is.

Jen Doll
Jen Doll

Dear Ambrose, you seem to be confused about me. I do adore sloths, though!

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