Lindsay Lohan Sentenced to Jail; New York to Allow Conjugal Visits for Gay Inmates

  • Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 100 days in jail yesterday for violating her drunk driving probation. She was held in custody for five hours before being sprung out of jail on a $75,000 bail (no indication of any Dog the Bounty Hunter involvement). LiLo is free for now while her lawyer appeals the sentence, but she has to start doing 480 hours of community service right away: 360 hours in a women's center, and a bizarre and fraught 120 hours in the L.A. County morgue. [CNN]
  • New York State will allow conjugal visits for gay inmates in marriages or civil unions. Gay prisoners will also now be allowed a furlough if their partner becomes terminally ill. Steps forward! Word to the wise, though, Daily News: watch out what goes into the URL. I can see that "paint the clinks pink" joke and so can everyone else. [NYDN]

  • Pretty good Post lede: "Two Saks Fifth Avenue cashiers were sacked by police after swiping more than $50,000 from the store in a gift-card scam, authorities said yesterday." Sacked! Swiping! The cashiers are being charged with grand larceny. [NYP]
  • The attempted sexual assault of a Brooklyn woman was captured on surveillance video. The man whose camera shot the video tried to give it to the NYPD as evidence, but they didn't want it. Could the NYPD look any worse when it comes to matters of sexual attacks on women? [NBC]
  • Tornados are currently ravaging a number of places in our country, including the St. Louis airport, which closed yesterday because of the storms which flattened dozens of homes in the area. Four people were injured by flying glass at the airport. [Reuters]
  • An autistic seven-year-old was handcuffed and removed from his school after an altercation with another child. His parents sued the city and won. Why is handcuffing kids suddenly a thing? Has it always been a thing? [NYDN]

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    Also Sautner had just reduced the charge down to a misdemeanor and I guess they figured that there would be a public outcry if if they didn't impose or exact a punishment of some kind. I think it really is a good PR move. Look at Martha Stewart ... she did her time and bounced back as good as ever.


    I put up a comment in another forum about the rule of law and the fact that DUE PROCESS was incorporated into the U. S. Constitution to safeguard the citizenry against overzealous governing bodies such as the judicial branch. My question was how could Judge Sautner just arbitrarily impose jail time before Lindsay was found to be guilty as charged in a trial?


    Alright...her sentence was supposedly based on Lindsay's ALLEGED violation of her probation ..?? ... this was imposed by the judge as if she just figured that she must be guilty of SOMETHING. so we'll get her in jail. My first thought was WTF? ! I would suppose that there are rabid thinkers that feel that it was a way for Lindsay to be punished and get her going on doing her time asap so she can get it done and not let it drag on through the summer and into the fall. So her attorney did not object the ruling for that reason???

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