Livery Cabs Should Be Able to Pick Up Passengers Already

Livery cabs are often the great savior of the drunken Brooklynite struggling to trek their way home. Like Jay-Z said, New York has its "yellow cab, gypsy cab, dollar cab" (holler back), and there should be no reason not to try them all, right? The thing is, they're not legal to take. New York 1 reports that, "More than 1,100 summonses for illegal hails were issued by the TLC in March alone -- four times as many as were handed out in February." Is this the end of livery cabs as we know them or is there a solution on the horizon?

Pat Kiernan, our favorite news anchor ever, says in this video that "the ticket blitz comes as the agency and Mayor Michael Bloomberg are considering legalizing street pickups."

We need to turn all of the the livery cars into pick-up cabs because it would be useful for everyone. For Staten Islanders, this would be a great change because no one really knows when the plans for Staten Island cabs will actually come to fruition. And people in the other three outer boroughs can actually get around, too.

C'mon, Bloomberg! This is an easy fix that will get people to actually like you -- we promise.


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refuse truck hire
refuse truck hire

A Livery cars must be dispatched to pick up riders a given location. Yellow  taxi cabs can pick up street hails.


I didn't even know it was illegal until recently. Stupid, stupid, law.

Darek Miles
Darek Miles

Isn't there a difference in registration and whatever fees yellow cabs and livery cabs pay? As far as I know, that's why yellow cab drivers take issue with allowing livery cabs to pick people up. If you require the same reg. fees, etc, I'm sure there would be no problem.

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