Modern-Day Romeo and Juliet Missing in Florida

FL high school couple .jpg
Nicole and Jackson.
A high school couple are sought by police in Florida after having disappeared two days after their senior prom. Jackson Powell, 18, and Nicole Dones, 17, are believed to have run away together due to their families' disapproval of their precociously serious relationship. They've been missing since April 18.

Police don't think the couple are in any danger; Miami-Dade detective Edna Hernandez told the Miami Herald that "We just believe that it's a modern day Romeo and Juliet." Meaning...everyone's going to end up dead? JK.

The whole thing is kind of romantic in a tragic adolescent way, albeit very worrying. The parents of both of these kids encouraged them to spend less time with each other and focus on school; the pair, who are both rather adorable, seem to be one of those way intense high school couples that are basically married already. Nicole and Jackson have been missing for more than a week now, and their parents are understandably concerned. They've hired a private investigator and are offering a monetary reward to anybody with information as to the teens' whereabouts.

Anyone who has info about the star-crossed lovers is requested to call private eye David Gonzalez at 305-338-3100 and Miami-Dade Police at 305-418-7201 or 305-476-5423.

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