Nicolas Cage Arrested For Domestic Abuse

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TMZ is reporting that Nic Cage has been arrested in New Orleans on one count of domestic abuse and one count of disturbing the peace. Sources say Cage was "very drunk" on the street early this morning, loudly arguing with his wife Alice. A passing cab driver called the cops when he saw Cage push his wife, he says. The police told the couple to go home and Cage, like an asshole, said "Why don't you just arrest me?" And so they did. Nicolas Kim Coppola is still in custody as of this posting.

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Drunk on the streets of N.O.? How did they spot him?


Be attentive!!!! Passing cab driver called the cops. It's so difficult to be a famous star, everyone knows you, you can't do foolish things, as it became known for all people!!!! In Internet there are great amount of videos with this event, but the most reliable I think is video from It gives truthful information about this and also interview of witnesses, which you can fast download!

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