Pale Male Is Kind of a Slut

Laying on the charm.
Pale Male, perhaps the most famous hawk in recent New York City history, is just another philandering New York City jerk, despite "mate-swapping" violating what bird-people know about his species, the red-tail, reports the New York Times City Room Blog. See, Lola, Pale Male's mate of 8 years, "disappeared" over the winter. Not missing a beat, Pale Male found a new gal, "Ginger."

"As ever, because Pale Male is a real stud, a new female showed up almost instantly," Ms. Winn said.


Then Ginger went missing, and then there was another one, known as "Pale Beauty," and then there was "Lima," who is Pale Male's current companion, who may or may not be Ginger. And they're trying for babies! This is more complicated than a Lifetime movie.

By the way, there's no real suspicion that Pale Male is killing his mates (which would so be true of a Lifetime movie), but if we were Lola, we'd still be pissed. Show a little sensitivity, dude.

Meanwhile, Pale Male Is Taking His Cues From Hefner [City Room]

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