Francesca Stabile Named Village Voice Web Editor

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Photo by Nate "Igor" Smith
Runnin' Scared is happy to announce that Francesca Stabile has been named the Village Voice's web editor, filling the formidable and stylish shoes of Zach Baron and, previously, Camille Dodero. Francesca (if you're lucky she'll let you call her Frannie) has been the Voice's social media coordinator since December 2009, and has likely entertained you at one point or another as the voice of @VoiceStreet. Catch her starting today on the @VillageVoice Twitter, and all around

We can say this, because we know: Frannie has excellent taste in food, music, and bars with porch swings, as well as the amazing skills about the Internet that you'd expect. Plus, she now sits closer to us! Welcome, Frannie!

We are as happy as this chihuahua.

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Village Voice doesn't know how lucky they are.


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