Why, Yes, You Can Watch Porn at the Brooklyn Public Library

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You can also watch porn at the Apple store, apparently.
When we heard about the recent instance of "blows" (the fist kind) between a guy watching porn on a Brooklyn Public Library computer and a guy who wanted to use the Brooklyn Public Library computer that the first guy was watching porn on, we were curious. What's the library's policy on porn, anyway? Is it cool -- or even just okay -- to watch porn in the public library? Do people -- more than just that one guy -- do it? We got in touch, and we learned a few things. Always learning!

According to the friendly library spokesperson we talked to, not only are adult customers able to view whatever they wish on public library computers, the library actually provides privacy screens (those dark covers for monitors that the user can see through but those beyond cannot) for customers who wish to view "questionable material." There's a separate area for children and teens, which is the youth wing (where questionable material is not allowed).

We asked, of course, for clarification.

So, really, you can watch porn?
"This means you can watch porn," he said. However, all of the public computers have filtering software as part of the Children's Internet Protection Act. Which means, basically, if you use a kid's library card, access to sites will be restricted.

And how often do people actually watch porn at the Brooklyn Public Library?
"It comes up. I would say every so often. It's an issue in so much as making sure we're doing our best to provide a good environment for everyone, and managing those situations from the floor. Staff has asked people to move or relocate so a situation doesn't escalate. We do have a lot of families and kids and want to make sure everyone has an opportunity for their own library experience. It's the sort of thing where we provide the access and environment. We're constantly working on and trying to figure out best ways to provide access."

FYI, sessions are about 30 minutes per computer, and there are 1,000-plus computers in the Brooklyn Public Library system, though the library will be adding more.

And, have they ever caught anyone masturbating?
"I personally have not."

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