Sixth Grader Arrested For Spilling Milk

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A 12-year-old Indiana boy was handcuffed and arrested after he refused to clean up milk he'd spilled on the cafeteria floor. A school employee told the kid to wipe up the milk, and the tween refused, saying "This is stupid, you're retarded." A school resource officer (a kind of cop) told him again to clean it up, and he said "This is crap, I'm not doing it." The boy then dumped out his tray into the trash can and tried to exit the cafeteria. Things then regressed to the point of the officer grabbing the kid, who broke free and tried to run away, prompting the cop to actually tackle and handcuff him.

He was then taken to the principal's office.

[The Smoking Gun]

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Well, technically he was only arrested after he refused to be drafted into slavery. This sounds like a really humiliating experience for the poor kid. There's a lot of this in the news lately. One teacher had her kindergarten students oinking at one boy until he cried. This was his punishment for being messy. Sad.

Harold Hodge
Harold Hodge

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