Some Woman Dressed Up Like Kate Middleton's Engagement Ring for the Royal Wedding

via Crushable via D-Listed
Presented without comment, which is really a way of saying presented with comment, because we have far too many comments than could ever fit in this box along with this glorious picture, and there you go: A woman who looks like Kate Middleton's engagement ring so much as her face is blue and there are sparkly-ish things around that blue (she's the one on the left). Okay, we had some comments after all. Lady, we hope you're having fun in that get-up, cause it's going to be hell to get out of your pillowcase. [via Crushable]

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Rochel Faltus
Rochel Faltus

Wow! It is, indeed, rare for a supporter to dress up in something like that. :p I wonder why she came up with that get-up. :) Anyway, she's so creative and confident.

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