New York May Get State Dog, Can We Keep Him?

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Lawmakers are introducing legislation tomorrow that would give New York an official state dog. Assemblyman Micah Kellner and State Senator Joseph E. Robach are partnering up to give the honor to rescue dogs, as in dogs who are rescued and put up for adoption in shelters. Sure, Virginia has an American Foxhound as their official state dog and Pennsylvania has a Great Dane, but a rescue dog is, well, it's very nice.

Assemblyman Kellner has provided foster care for several rescue dogs in the past. He will be joined by a former shelter dog during the bill's introduction at City Hall tomorrow ("What's that, Mr. Speaker? You want to vote against a bill honoring this special little guy here? Look at his face. Look at it!").

The legislation is bipartisan, with Kellner being a Democrat from New York City and Roback a Republican from Rochester. Or, as the Times puts it: "you could call this a 'tail' of two cities."

Shut up, New York Times.

Move Over, State Fish, to Make Room for a State Dog [NYT]

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The Rescue dogs that searched for victims through the rubble of the Twin Towers, through the smoke and fire who gave their lives to find the victims of that horrible explosion. Those are the dogs that should be honored not rescue dogs that are here due to just running wild.The Real Rescue dogs are Border Collies, Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Airdale Terrier, Beauceron, Bloodhound, Doberman Pinschers, Rottweilers, Belgian Tervurens and Belgian Malinois. You know the dogs you tried to ban from the great city of New York. These are the dogs that deserved to be the state dog of New York. How about Dorado a golden lab who led his blind master down from the 71st floor in time to get out of the building before it collapsed. These are the dogs that gave their lives for our loved ones on 911. Shame on you for ignoring those animals that truly work for the betterment of all dogs and human beings.

* "Anna" Atlas (1997-2002) - German Shepherd * "Ellie" Barker (1996-2003) - German Shepherd * "Dylan" Bobrosky (1994-2005) - German Shepherd * "Kinsey" Deeds (1999-2007) - black lab mix * "Git Ander" Gillespie (1994-2001) - German Shepherd * "Pepe" Gilliland (1993-2006 - Border Collie * "Ivey" Hachmeister (1995-2005) - German Shepherd * "Metrodobe's Spicy's Sunnyboy" Hammond (1993-2004) Doberman Pinscher * "Sheridan" Holleyman (1994-2004) - Border Collie * "Socks" Lavoie (1991-2002) - German Shepherd * "Ronnie" Lee (1996-2005) - German Shepherd * "Sirius" Lim (1997-2001) - Yellow Lab * "Cholo" Reitz (1994-2004) - German Shepherd * "Louie" Rising (1994-2004 - Golden Retrevier * "Riley" Roemer (1996-2005) - Golden Retrevier "Kali" Peine Rottweiler May 4, 1999 to December 20, 2005 * "NiCad Batteries Rechargeable" Shane(1994-2003) Golden Retrevier * "Bear" Shields (1990-2002) * "Jenner" Wichmann (1992-2004)- Black lab * "Jason" Wolff (1992-2004) - German Shepherd * "Thor" Zintsmaster (1990-2004)- German Shepherd


And what message does this send? The mutts that are produced at the fault of owners that are not responsible for their dogs are to be encouraged to continue to breed willy-nilly, because, after all, they ARE the state dog! How ridiculous can they get? Pick a breed that worked so hard to find remains at the WTC! Now THOSE breeds should be honored for the work they do for us.


This, after the German Shepherd and many, MANY other exhausted pure bred dogs scrambled through the Towers, to find the live victims and the deceased? How soon we forget! Shame, New York!

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