The Royal Wedding Cocktail

Yes, there's a cocktail to commemorate the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Of course there is; there's a royal wedding everything. It's a punch made with gin, that most British of liquors. The recipe, according to People (keep in mind this was created by "mixologist Dan Warner" who owns Beefeater gin):
Beefeater Royal Punch

• 2 parts Beefeater London Dry Gin
• 1 part Dubonnet (This is a nod to Queen Elizabeth, who "was known to enjoy gin and Dubonnet as an apertif," notes Warner)
• 1 part pomegranate juice ("It represents marriage.")
• 2 parts fresh lemonade (American style)
• Angostura bitters to taste

Serve in a large punch bowl (or a large, deep casserole dish) and garnish with wheels of lemon and lime, mint sprigs and pomegranate seeds.

Chill the punch with lots of regular ice cubes or make your own fruit ice cubes by freezing orange and lemon slices with water in a plastic container (ice cream tub or similar).

Sounds complex. Who has a punch bowl? Who makes their own fruit ice cubes? What is a Dubonnet? Here's my take on the royal cocktail. Just riffing off the gin theme here:

  • A bunch of gin
  • Some tonic
  • A lime wedge, if you have it around

It's called a gin and tonic. I make them all the time. All things considered, they're pretty easy.

On the subject of royal beverages, it's never too early to start planning your royal wedding party. Don't let the fact that in the States it will be airing at 6 a.m. on a weekday (Friday, April 29th!!!!) stop you. The trick is to stay up all the night before drinking my version of the Royal Wedding Cocktail, and then you won't even have to wake up early for the ceremony. And you can still get to work on time.

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It really sounds delightful!


Thank you for the instructions - I thought the Royal Wedding was a royal waste of time, until I read this blog entry


I tried another Royal Wedding Cocktail this week. It was very good

Ingredients:2 measures Somerset Pomona 20%2 measures Seville Orange Gin 26%1 very British AppleIndian Tonic WaterPlenty of ice

Preparation:Add ingredients to ice in an old fashioned whisky tumbler, top up with indian tonic water and garnish with a slice from a very British Apple


Wow - how did this even become an article? Anyone who actually is part of the "Finer Life" owns at least one punchbowl, knows what Dubonnet is, and doesn't find stirring together four liquids in a recipe too "complex."And if you're going to "riff" on a cocktail, don't just print a half-assed G&T recipe. Even that isn't done well.Please return to watching Desperate Housewives, or whatever it is you do best.


"Who has a punch bowl?", "Who makes their own fruit cubes?" Hilarious. I'm gon' get me a blog.

Dan Warner
Dan Warner

I wish i did own Beefeater Gin!Dan Warner

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