The Top 10 Crucifixion Scenes on YouTube: Happy Good Friday!

Happy Good Friday! Today we bring you the 10 most memorable crucifixion scenes we could find on YouTube. They range from the sublime to the sacrilegious, and include the best and bloodiest of various films, TV shows and commercials. Most are probably not suitable for work, unless you are a Roman centurion or a research assistant for Mel Gibson.

Here we go!

10. The Glucifixion

Since nails were too messy, the Romans switched to glue.

9. The Passion, Animated

There's something awfully creepy about the tinny sounds of the hammer that makes this a more cringe-worthy animated Jesus than watching Him on South Park.

8. "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life"

Eric Idle, singing to Graham Chapman's Brian in the Life of Brian, er, nails the spirit of the Gospels perhaps better than any other motion picture.

7. The Passion of the Christ

Before he just started blasting Jews outright, Mel Gibson preferred wrapping up his bigotry in religious torture porn. As Monty Python-like as Jim Cavaziel's crucifixion is, Life of Brian director Terry Jones had nothing on Mel when it came to passion gore.

And, yes, if you hadn't heard, that's Mel's hand driving in the nail.

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