Twitter Users More Likely to Masturbate, Break Up Sooner

OkTrends, OkCupid's dating research site, is a font of information about dating habits. Based on data gleaned from the profile information of its 7 million users, the site has told us what white people like, what Julian Assange likes, and given us insight into the mathematics of beauty. Now the site has released another slew of infographics, correlating a slew of interesting things, like how likely a woman is to have an orgasm compared to how likely she is to enjoy exercise; what those who like "rough" versus "gentle" sex say on their profiles; and who enjoys oral sex more, vegetarians or meat-eaters. This information could fill novels, and probably should, but the most intriguing charts, for our purposes, have to do with Twitter.

Hold on to your hats, friends and Twitter users. People who use Twitter every day (that's us) are, via the data, likely to have relationships that are almost a month, sometimes more, shorter than their non-Tweeting colleagues. As OkCupid explains, "we have no way to tell who's dumping who here; whether the twitterati are more annoying or just more flighty than everyone else." Maybe we just get things done faster!

via OkTrends
Note that the oldest Twitter users are the worst.

Additionally, daily Twitter users are nearly twice as likely to masturbate daily than non-tweeters, "across all age and gender groups."


Also in the charts we learn that curvy women have higher sex drives and higher self-confidence than "skinny" ones. Like we said, a font of information. Lunchtime?

Check out all the charts here: 10 Charts About Sex


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If someone asked you how likely you were to masturbate today and you said 2:1 and then your friend said 1.6:1, wouldn't that mean your friend is MORE LIKELY to masturbate today since 1:1 ratio means it's definitely going to happen?

Sorry math is so hard, guys!

Martin Barker
Martin Barker

Twitter users are highly efficient masturbators since they can limit themselves to 140 strokes.

Jen Doll
Jen Doll

winner of the first twitter/masturbation joke! there must be

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