Woman Uses $100 Bill as Her Bookmark. On the Subway.

Sighted on the G train today by the Voice's Steven Thrasher: A woman using what appears to be a $100 bill as a bookmark. Out in the open. Holding her place in a book from -- not a joke -- the Rich Dad franchise. Appropriately or not, the woman was reading up on how to buy a house. Thrasher reports that she and a friend "were sitting in front of the subway map, and person after person kept coming to look at the map, appalled when they realized this oblivious woman had a $100 bill in full view. No one warned her, though."

Is this a sign that the recession is finally over, or that crisply folded $100 bills make really good bookmarks? There's also the possibility the bill might be a fake. Whether or not that is a good idea is up for discussion.

Still, "Subway reads bookmarked with $100 bills" seems a nice contemporary follow-up to "Streets paved with gold," no?

If you are or know this woman -- get in touch!

[JDoll // @thisisjendoll]

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If you open the bill to see, the face is Herman Cain in a Godfather's Pizza hat. 


so what...yeah until she gets her dumbass mugged.  But you probably still living in Ohio when NYC used to really grimey, huh?.


So she likes carrying her own toilet paper, and uses it as a bookmark until then. So what?

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