1 in 5 Metrocard Swipes Don't Work

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"Metrocard Swiping for Idiots" via MTA
If it seems like you're always trying, and failing, to swipe your Metrocard, you're not crazy or even necessarily just really bad at swiping your Metrocard. According to info released by the MTA as part of a document detailing the benefits of new payment systems, "The odds of having to swipe your MetroCard more than once at a subway turnstyle are one in five." This means you shouldn't immediately jump to blame the idiot in front of you who can't swipe properly and is making you miss your train. Some of the problems include swiping too fast, swiping too slowly, and defective, expired, or damaged MetroCards, as well as idiots who can't swipe properly and are making you miss your train. To remedy all that, the MTA is considering "contact-less payment systems," or smartcards, which will surely come with their own brand of human/MTA error. Update: Mayor Bloomberg does not have swiping issues. [NY1]

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We here in Los Angeles drink your milkshake on precisely ONE thing: TAP cards. Momentary contact with an electromagnetic pickup on the farebox or turnstile. BEEP! you're in. 

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