Adrian Schoolcraft, Police Officer, Wins Round One In Legal Battle With City, Jamaica Hospital

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Adrian Schoolcraft, the police officer forced into the Jamaica Hospital psychiatric ward by police three weeks after he reported misconduct to investigators, has won round 1 in his legal battle against the city.

Schoolcraft's saga was the subject a five-part Village Voice series published last year. In part 4 of the series, the Voice reported that police fed hospital officials misleading information about his behavior that caused them to hold him for six days without explanation.

U.S. District Court Judge Robert Sweet dismissed the federal claim against the hospital, but ruled that state civil rights claims would remain part of the lawsuit. He also ordered discovery to proceed, which means Schoolcraft's lawyers can finally begin to get documents from the city and do depositions of key police officials.

The lawyers for Jamaica Hospital wanted the judge to remove the hospital from the case because basically Schoolcraft couldn't prove that doctors violated his federal civil rights.

But Judge Sweet ruled that Schoolcraft had sufficiently made a case that the hospital and the police "collaborated in depriving him of his Constitutional rights."

Jon Norinsberg, Schoolcraft's lawyer, called the decision, "Good news."

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Officer Schoolcraft is a HERO for standing up to a corrupt police department who thought they were above the law.  Everyone needs to write their congressman to let them know you support Schoolcraft's lawsuit.  IT DOES  make a difference!!!!!!

Minka Stewart
Minka Stewart

how sad is it that bloomberg cant even run his own fucking police department. i hope that the federal courts remain ballsy  and run it for him


City will go broke from this lawsuit - because everyone arrested during the time frame that Schoolcraft documented NYPD urging illegal arrests will soon file suit against the city for false arrest or false imprisonment and name every city official in the chain of command individually as a codefendant.

Rick Bragg
Rick Bragg

 Thank you officer Schoolcraft. You stand strong!

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