America's Nudists May Be on the Verge of Extinction

Did you know that America is in danger of running out of nudists? Yep, they're dying off, and those who are still alive, hanging out, being naked, are more and more grayed and wrinkly every day. The Wall Street Journal reports on this unfortunate confluence of people getting old and young people apparently wanting to be less naked (a/k/a "wear clothes") in public, which has caused the nudist resort industry to have to actually recruit young nudists.

The situation is quite dire!

"The whole lifestyle will just disappear unless we attract a younger crowd," said Nicky Hoffman, head of the Naturist Society, one of the two big organizations of U.S. nudists. "The problem is, most of these resorts aren't geared to young people. They've become like retirement homes; they've sort of calcified."

You see, even if young people do like being nude in public, it's rather awkward to run into your dad's calcified buddy in the buff at the pool. Hence, young nudist groups are forming, doing fun (and presumably more sexy) young nudist things, like "reverse-strip-poker nights, volleyball tournaments, naked 5K road races and music festivals like Nudepalooza and Nudestock." And naked dinner parties in FiDi lofts, of course.

Can the nudists be saved? Progress is being made:

This year, 140 young nudists showed up for a free weekend on the grass-and-sand grounds of Sunsport Gardens, including a "midnight skinny dip and blacklight party."

Naked baby steps. Or people could just wear clothes.

Wearing Only a Smile, Nudists Seek Out the Young and the Naked [WSJ]

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Young Naturists America
Young Naturists America

Dying out? Do you think it has to do with global warming? Maybe the migration patterns just changed... ;) Come to our Naked Booze n Schmooze party to see where we're all gathering in NY!


Naturism is a philosophy that values simplicity and increased harmony with nature. offers a friendly and confidential environment for nudists.


At what age do nudists typically shed their clothing? Were these people nudists in their youth or something they picked upon retirement? At that age, I think choose nudity for a lifestyle too. Until then, I'll participate in the World's Nake Bike Ride along with apx 13K other PDXers.

Tom Mulhall
Tom Mulhall

Hi, I had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Belkin at the Wall Street Jpournal for this story. My name is Tom Mulhall. I am the PR chair for the American Association for Nude recreation. My wife and I have also owned a nudist resort in sunny Palm Springs, California for 16 years called The Terra Cotta inn so we know the nudist industry very well.

Overall the article was very good. However, he leaves the impression that younger people are not interested in nude recreation which is not true as I told him. People forget that according to the 2008 census bureau (the latest age data) 76% of Americans over age 20 are between 35-80 years of age. Only 16% of Americans are in their 20's. Nude recreation can not change demographics. So there are less 20 something members because there are less of them compared to 35 and older.

He could have changed this story to read "NFL seeks younger fans" as according to an Experian Research study 72% of NFL fans are over age 35. Again demographics can not be changed. Or Nascar seeks younger fans as they have youth promotions going this year. Yet no one says these sports are dying off.

As I told the reporter, AANR estimates about 20% of people that enjoy nude recreation are under age 35 which closely tracks the census data. That fact was omitted.

FYI, any private club, nudist or not can set their own rules. Most vacationer oriented nudist resorts like ours have their pools and jacuzzi open 24 hours a day, have wifi, and allow piercings, etc. Nudist resort amenities are normally superior to textile resorts in the same price range. The reporter should not have made sweeping generalizations.

Just like a Marriott or Hilton caters to guests 21 and over, so do nudist resorts, Just like a Marriott has had promotions targeting the youth market, so do nudist resorts. Just because we take our clothes off, it does not mean we don't do a good job of marketing.

Nude recreation is thriving in America. And young people enjoy it just as much as baby boomers and older.

I encourage everyone to try a fun vacation at a nudist resort. Last year a CNBC survey showed 53% of Americans would like to try a naked vacation. So try it no matter what your age. You will love it. The only thing you have to lose is your funny tan lines!

Charles G Hill
Charles G Hill

I really didn't start until I had a quarter-acre with a six-foot fence around it, and I was about 50 at the time. (The instincts, however, went back many years; I tossed out my last pair of jammies in the late 1960s.)

A perfunctory glance at the AANR Bulletin will show you a whole lot of grainy pictures of people who, had they brought their wallets, could probably produce AARP cards on demand.

Hope you enjoy the WNBR.

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