Anthony Weiner's 'Weinergate': Did He Tweet a NSFW Picture to a College Girl? (Update)

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Last night, Anthony Weiner may or may not have purposefully tweeted a picture of his boxer-clad erect penis to a college girl in Washington state. Well, the @RepWeiner account certainly did tweet it, but Weiner is saying he's been hacked. The girl in question is reportedly one Gennette Cordova, a journalism student. The penis tweet was deleted soon after its posting, so click through for the picture. NSFW, I suppose, although it's really quite demure as dick shots go.

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(Notice the skinny thighs? Anthony Weiner's a skinny dude, those must be his thighs and that must be HIS PENIS!)

Um, anyway. That photo, and apparently all the other photos in @RepWeiner's yfrog account, was deleted last night around 11 p.m. Andrew Breitbart's site was the first to post about all of this, so being that it's Andrew Breitbart, we will proceed with caution. However, there's no question that the photo was tweeted from that account.

It was tweeted at @GennetteNicole, who seems to be Gennette Cordova, a student journalist at Whatcom Community College in Bellingham, Washington. Here are some of her tweets, archived at Topsy. Notice the bottom one.

found by Ironic Surrealism

Her Twitter account was deleted shortly after all this went down, then reappeared again as a protected account. Here's another tweet indicating that Cordova had a crush on Weiner.

gennetenicole crush.jpg

But lots of people have crushes on famous people, and lots of people might jokingly/aspirationally refer to celebrities as their boyfriend. There are some big questions here, in my mind.

1. Did Cordova and Weiner actually have any contact ever apart from Twitter? [UPDATE: As commenter coffeeshrk pointed out to me, one of Weiner's tweets mentioned the time in Seattle, suggesting that he had some kind of contact there. Whether or not it was with Cordova, we can't say yet.] Doesn't it seem kind of weird and over-the-top creepy to tweet a picture of your erect penis to someone you've never spoken with and who lives on the opposite coast?

2. If this wasn't a hack and he did send it, why didn't he DM it? It's pretty reckless, as a public figure, to just tweet that shit publicly. Then again he wouldn't be the first person to accidentally tweet something that should have been a direct message.

3. If this is a hack, why hasn't he reported it to federal authorities? There are laws prohibiting cyberhacking and impersonating federal officials, of which Weiner is one. Or if he has, why isn't his press office talking about it (they apparently wouldn't respond to Politico about this issue)? If he were to say, "I'm taking this to the authorities," that would indicate his seriousness about the alleged hack.

4. Also, why are we all so worked up about this again?

If you'd like to join in the fun on Twitter, the hashtag is #weinergate.

UPDATE 2:12 p.m.: This post on Raw Story suggests that the screengrab of the dick shot from Andrew Breitbart's website could have been doctored. As evidence, they link to this thing, which is frankly incomprehensible to me. Maybe someone out there can figure it out? Does it actually mean anything?

I've put a call in to Anthony Weiner's press line and will update if/when I hear back.

UPDATE 4:48 p.m.: The photo thing has been explained to me: if you click here on this error-level analysis thing again, and look at the text parts (like "Upload" and "Popular"), you'll see that they are different colors from the rest of it (and are also super clear). The rest of it looks sort of like TV static. That might suggest that those words could have been Photoshopped in. However, how does this mesh with Weiner's claim that it was a hack? If he admits it came from his account -- whether or not he tweeted it -- why would the photo have to masquerade as a yfrog photo? Confusing.

Here's another twist: Shortform Blog found the first person to retweet the infamous penis photo tweet, and it's this dude, who appears to be an uber-conservative by the name of Dan Wolfe. They dug a little deeper and found that Wolfe had tweeted about similar Weiner-related matters over two weeks ago. Interesting, as they say, that he was "so quick to hit the trigger on this," but who knows if that means anything. This is all getting rather complicated.

[screenshots via Ironic Surrealism]

[] [@_rosiegray]

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