Did a Man Pull a Gun on Barack Obama's Motorcade Today?

C.S. Muncy
A twentysomething guy in a blue hat was thought to have pulled a gun out of his backpack in front of the Church Street Station Post Office today in Manhattan as Barack Obama's motorcade went by. The man was immediately tackled by NYPD and Secret Service, who according to NJ.com yelled, "Get down, get down." The Daily News got a dramatic photo of the incident; you can see it here. The man, who apparently was pushing a bike through the crowd saying "Secret Service coming through" before he was tackled, was taken into the post office by the cops and questioned -- and later released, which seems to indicate he wasn't actually trying to kill the president and may instead have just had his worst day ever on the job as a bike messenger. NJ.com reports now that the guy wasn't armed. [NJ.com, NYDN]

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