Cab Drivers Who Won't Go to Brooklyn Could Be Fined $1,000

Was it just last week that we wrote about that crazy story of a cab driver who actually tried to yank his Brooklyn-going passengers out of his cab? In related news, the clearly aggravated City Council has unanimously passed a measure that would increase fines on cab drivers who either overcharge or refuse to take a passenger to a requested outer borough to $500 (from $350) for a first offense and as much as $1,000 (from $500) for a second offense in two years. "A third offense within three years could cost the cabby their license and $1,000," reports the New York Post.

Mayor Bloomberg is expected to sign the bill into law in the next few weeks, with fines going in effect in three months. Enforcement would rely, of course, on having enough time to actually get a medallion number from your would-be driver before he speeds away, leaving you stranded on a Manhattan street, mouth gaping. And then having the diligence to report him for it afterward.

As Council Transportation Committee Chairman James Vacca (D-Bronx) said, "People have a right to go where they want to go." Tip: Get in the cab first before giving the driver your outer-borough destination.

Council hacks back at cheater cabbies [NYP]

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It's about time! And while we're at it, could we stop having prefential hiring for foreigners over Americans (especially over Black Americans) in this and other businesses? If one's criminal record didn't end at the border; many of these "clean" looking cab drivers would have serious criminal records as long as their arms and even their legs. They don't even know the city as well as people who've lived here forever. I know this is not politically correct to bring up, but so what? It's true and we need to take this issue seriously.

Chubby Checker Jr
Chubby Checker Jr

Mighty 'white of you,' Jen to repost this story (easier than work, i.e. finding your own) but I take if you've never seen the video for Gang Starr "Code Of The Streets," have you? Which makes most of this story oh... 17 years late?

Hint: go the library, a real one. Being fake clever x times a day for Tony Ortega ain't making you smarter, or a better writer, 'reporter' (sic).

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