Cat Pee Smell Sweeps Through Trump Building

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You'd almost feel sorry for Donald Trump, what with the "presidential run" that wasn't, the lawsuit and investigation over "Trump University," all the birther talk, and, of course, the hair. But we don't, really. Instead, we feel only a dash of schadenfreude over the fact that "an apparent insecticide mishap Monday afternoon" led firefighters and rescue crews to Trump Place on Riverside Boulevard and West 67th Street to deal with a pervasive, nasty smell much like "cat urine," reports DNA Info. Fortunately for the tenants, who pay around $3,000 a month for 1-bedroom apartments, no evacuation was necessary and there were no injuries or dangerous chemicals reported. Still, we feel confident that memories of that day the hallway really reeked will not fade easily. [DNA Info]

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Hey! I think that might be Grayson..

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