Catholic High School Does Predictable, Small-Minded Thing

We're sad to say that another institution has vetoed allowing same-sex couples at prom. This time it's St. Anthony's, a co-ed Catholic high school in South Huntington, Long Island. Angelina Lange, a 17-year-old at the school, asked for permission to bring an ex-girlfriend as her date, and school officials vetoed her request, saying "It would send a mixed message to OK her request." Thus, instead of grasping an opportunity to encourage acceptance, the school issued a perfectly clear message: The only acceptable couples are heterosexual.

"Our Catholic faith specifies that marriage involves a man and a woman and our policies on dating must reflect that," [school principal Brother Gary] added.

As a private institution the school has no obligation to change policies that others may see as discriminatory. But Lange, who was the first student at the school to make this request, hopes that even though she was denied, it may help someone else down the line. The students, for their part, as well as a number of parents, think that Lange should be allowed "to bring whoever she wants."

Seriously, isn't high school hard enough already without this kind of crap?

School Bans Same-Sex Couples from Prom [NBC NY]

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 I am not a Catholic but I respect the beliefs and convictions of others and do not write them off as small minded...If you don't like their policy, go to a non-faith school....tolerance is not a one-way street.

Queens Crapper
Queens Crapper

Catholic policy on homosexuality has been the same for more than 2000 years, but we expect it to change now at a Catholic school for a prom? Why go to a Catholic school if you don't agree with the church's rules? This Village Voice post is predictable and small minded.


God bless those courageous enough to stand up for Godliness in the face of certain attacks by homosexuals. Ban homosexuals from openly practicing their perversion. Go back in the closet. We don't need to see your twistedness. 

Miss Shanahan
Miss Shanahan

God bless those who live and love and do not ever presume to speak for God.

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