East Village 'Will You Marry Me?' Mural: The Time Lapse Video

Over the weekend we had a chat with Jeff Gurwin, the guy behind the sweet East Village engagement mural on 2nd and Avenue A. Here's a time lapse of the making of the mural (with some shots of Jeff, in the plaid shirt, and his fiancée Caitlin, in the yellow skirt). Congrats, guys! The mural will be up for a month.

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Shared it on facebook. Too cute not to :) CONGRATLATIONS Caitlin & Jeffrey


The title of this post should be pussy-whipped idiot ruins epic graffitti piece. Why don't you paint in your room?! Tool!

Paul Lee
Paul Lee

A tool is actually a very useful thing in human society, allowing progress and development.  In this case, the tool in question is embarking upon the pre-final maturation stage of love that many engage in.  It seems that this is something that arrogant ignorants like you simply do not understand.

On a side note, graffiti is graffiti'ed over multiple times on multiple walls.  One epic piece replaced by another.  I believe what we have here is a pretty standard graffiti piece (that is still pretty nice by all means) that bears the tag of an artist being replaced by artwork that bears more than just a name.

Love.  Look it up.  It just might do you some good.  Good luck.

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